Effects of e-marketing on customers patronage of commercial banks, a study of Guaranty Trust Holding Company PLC, Lagos

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Abdulazeez Abdulquadri
Bolajoko Dixon-Ogbechi


This study examined the effects of E-marketing on customers’ patronage of commercial banks, a study of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) PLC, Lagos. The study adopted quantitative research design and the sources of data for this study were purely primary and secondary and a sample size of 385 customers of GTBank PLC, in Akoka area of Yaba Local Government, Lagos state, were selected through a convenience sampling technique. The data were analyzed through the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS version 23) and descriptive statistics (mean and median), regression analysis and analysis of variance were used to provide answers to the research questions and test hypotheses. The study revealed that there is a direct nexus between the use of internet banking, and increase in customer patronage of GTBank, Plc, Lagos. Furthermore, a positive relationship was established between the use of USSD codes and quick service delivery of GTBank, PLC, Lagos. The study therefore concludes that E-marketing influences customers’ patronage of GTBank PLC, Lagos, and it was recommended that GTBank PLC, Lagos should continue the utilization of its E-marketing components (i.e., Internet banking, and USSD codes) as this assist in serving their customers better through quick service delivery and also increases the utility enjoyed which encourage frequent patronage. Future researchers can make research on the same topic but increasing the scope to other commercial banks in Nigeria for better comparison.


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Abdulquadri, A. O. ., & Dixon-Ogbechi, B. (2022). Effects of e-marketing on customers patronage of commercial banks, a study of Guaranty Trust Holding Company PLC, Lagos. Economía & Negocios, 4(2), 17/08/2022. https://doi.org/10.33326/27086062.2022.2.1356
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