Financial contagion: The impact of the volatility of global stock exchanges on the Lima-Peru Stock Exchange

  • Pedro Pablo Chambi Condori Universidad Nacional Jorge Basadre Grohmann
Palabras clave: Contagion and dynamic correlation, risk, transmission, volatility


What happens in the international financial markets in terms of volatility, have an impact on the results of the local stock market financial markets, as a result of the spread and transmission of larger stock market volatility to smaller markets such as the Peruvian, assertion that goes in accordance with the results obtained in the study in reference. The statistical evaluation of econometric models, suggest that the model obtained can be used for forecasting volatility expected in the very short term, very important estimates for agents involved, because these models can contribute to properly align the attitude to be adopted in certain circumstances of high volatility, for example in the input, output, refuge or permanence in the markets and also in the selection of best steps and in the structuring of the portfolio of investment with equity and additionally you can view through the correlation on which markets is can or not act and consequently the best results of profitability in the equity markets. This work comprises four well-defined sections; a brief history of the financial volatility of the last 15 years, a tight summary of the background and a dense summary of the methodology used in the process of the study, exposure of the results obtained and the declaration of the main conclusions which led us mention research, which allows writing, evidence of transmission and spread of the larger stock markets toward the Peruvian stock market volatility, as in the case of the American market to the market Peruvian stock market with the coefficient of dynamic correlation of 0.32, followed by the Spanish market and the market of China. Additionally, the coefficient of interrelation found by means of the model dcc mgarch is a very important indicator in the structure of portfolios of investment with instruments that they quote on the financial global markets.


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